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Breakaway CD cover Singer: Kelly Clarkson
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On Kelly Clarkson's second album, the ex-cocktail waitress turned hitmaker embraces her rock side rather than the pop pageantry that put her on top of the American Idol heap. To that end, Clarkson recruited former Evanescence members Ben Moody and David Hodges to help write and produce, and on tracks such as "Because of You" and "Addicted," where the combination of a piano-led melody with roaring guitars rules, you'd swear you were listening to Amy Lee. Somehow, this style works for Clarkson: She comes off more Avril than Ashlee, especially on the album's best moment, the title track (which was, go figure, written by Lavigne). Unfortunately, Clarkson isn't ready to own this new sound. On the Max Martin-penned "Since U Been Gone", she conjures memories of Abba, and on "Hear Me," she channels Pat Benatar. You can't help but wonder: Who is the real Kelly Clarkson, and when will she stop wearing her big sister's hand-me-downs?


This cd plain rocks. If you've heard a couple of Kelly's hits on the radio and are wondering if you should buy the full cd, I totally say yes!!! This isn't one of those cds where the only good songs are the ones you've already heard on the radio. These songs are each, in their own right, radio-quality hits. The cd starts with the three smash hits Breakaway, Since U Been Gone, and Behind These Hazel Eyes, which are all rocking good songs. Then the cd takes a soft turn with the peaceful balad Because of You. As soon as Kelly gets that out of her system, she immediately kicks it right back up with Gone, which just soars and takes you along with it. The cd settles back down into a slightly slower rock song that's in half time. But the emotion in the music just pulls you right into it like it's coming from inside you. Where is Your Heart continues the peaceful theme introduced first in song 4. The next tracks, 8 & 9, start to increase the energy levels again, as calm yet steady rock songs. This seems to culminate in track 10, which although perhaps the weakest link in the cd, is still plenty strong to hold it's own in the music world. But then after what seems to have been the peak and start of another calm song in track 11 is just the building for the huge Hear Me anthem. The song just cries out to be heard and makes you want to sing along, "Hear me". Finally, the last song, Beautiful Disaster, couldn't be a better ending to the journey this cd took you on. After all the heights and valleys, this song just soothes. It's calm, relaxing, and very hopeful. This song shines, at least in part, because of the irony that the hope flows from the dispair of holding on to a "beautiful disaster". Overall, the cd plays very well -- the mark of a true artist is one who can take you from emotional high to low and back to high, from rocking to longing to soaring above it all. And that's just what this cd does. And that's not to mention the fact that Kelly's voice in itself could be accepted by most anyone as one of the best in the industry today. Combined with the songs she sings, it's absolutely AMAZING voice. If you're a fan of Avril's, you're sure to love this cd, but even those who can't stand Avril will have to admit that Kelly has so much more to offer. Her fresh songs and perfect detail are so needed in today's over-hyped market. For once there's a cd that actually has awesome music, quality lyrics, and a beautiful voice, all in one. This is a much needed cd and sure to be a favorite for people of all ages and all backgrounds. I'm a hard rocker myself, but I can't help but notice that this cd, although so different in its musical style, challenges from afar the music of many hard rock bands. This cd crosses all bounds. It's an awesome addition to any collection.


I'll admit, my first impression of this album upon listening the first time around wasn't that good. I'll tell you why... I saw too many Avril Lavigne similarities. Especially the "woah... oh oh" sounds Avril has made popular. However, I did not let that deter me from listening to the album with an open mind.

Upon listening to the album 3 or 4 times, I concluded that this is one of the better rock/pop albums I've ever heard; especially by a solo female artist. On Kelly's debut album, she didn't use her voice like she should have. But on this new album, all I can say is, "Wow!". Hands down, Kelly Clarkson has the best singing voice in the music industry today, and hearing her hit some of the notes she hits on this album send chills up and down my body.

There are about 5 or 6 songs on this album that will likely receive radio play, as top singles. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" is Kelly's best song to date, in my opinion. "Because of You" is another fantasic song, as well as "Addicted", and "Hear Me". Let's not forget the smash hit "Breakaway".

With this album, Kelly sort of detached herself from the American Idol label that she's been sporting for the last few years. This is far beyond and cheesy bubble gum pop. This is legit, and Kelly is going to make a huge splash in this industry for years to come.

Kelly Clarkson has outdone herself with Breakaway. After her first album I was pleased but I still wanted more. I knew that there was more to Clarkson than "Thankful". This album has more of a theme and is overall deeper and significantly darker. As a result the songs seem to have more meaning and substance.

So here's my track review:
  1. Breakaway (10/10) - I loved this song the first time I heard it on AOL music. I think everyone can relate to this song, and unlike most pop songs this song never gets old to me. I always find myself singing along to this on the radio. Great message behind it and just overall a great song.
  2. Since U Been Gone (10/10) - Again, like Breakaway this song still hasn't gotten old after clearly being overplayed by radio. With its unforgetable melody and catchy guitars, this proves to be one of Kelly's best songs ever recorded; also showing a different "rockier" side of her.
  3. Behind These Hazel Eyes (10/10) - Honestly, this song is really similar sounding to Since U Been Gone, yet this isn't a bad thing. It means that the album is consistent, as it is full of great, catchy pop/rock songs. Kelly also uses her lower register here and it sounds great.
  4. Because of You (10/10) - Such a sad but beautiful song. I think a lot of people can relate to it in someway; regardless of whether or not it actually matches the exact description the song gives. Sung beautifully and really climaxes well. You won't be disappointed by this one.
  5. Gone (9/10) - It pains me to give this song a 9, but it's kind of repetative to the point where I find myself occasionally skipping over this song. At least the verses. The chorus is one of the catchiest on the album, and one of the best pop choruses out there. Really uplifiting as well.
  6. Addicted (10/10) - Another really sad song, deeper lyrics than we're used to from Kelly. The background vocals sound amazing, and I find myself listening to them as intently as I do the melody. Everything about this song is perfect, even if it is a sad song.
  7. Where Is Your Heart (7/10) - Not a big fan of this song. I don't think it fits in too well with the album and the song bores me. However one misstep doesn't kill an album, I simply skip over this song.
  8. Walk Away (10/10) - Similar to Gone, yet I found that I haven't gotten sick of this song. Overall a fun song, not really deep in meaning or anything, but just a fun song to sing along and drive to. Typical good pop song.
  9. You Found Me (10/10) - This song is pretty unique, and yet it isn't. It starts out sounding like it's gonna be a sad song, but it isn't. This song takes a step above the typical rock/pop of today. Everything works in this song, the guitars sound great, as does Ms. Clarkson.
  10. I Hate Myself For Losing You (8/10) - Not the catchiest song, I suppose it has some more lyrical value. I don't think the melody goes too well with the song, nor does Kelly's voice. Nothing really stands out in this song that makes me say "wow, this is a great song".
  11. Hear Me (10/10) - Another great, sad song. Escalates well and another song you can relate to. Simply a great, aggressive song. I kind of think it's a teenager's anthem lol. But it's still dark and well put together.
  12. Beautiful Disaster (Live) (10/10) - At first I had no idea why they put a live version on this cd. I knew that she performed a slow version of this live, but I didn't think it was going to fit as well into the album as it does. This version gives the song new life and a completely different meaning. This one seems to present more of the theme of the original that was lost in the original's hooky guitar beats. Great way to close the album.

Clarkson really delivers on this album. I anticipated this album and bought it the day it came out, yet I didn't expect such a great outcome. I knew she said it was gonna be more rock, and it really is, and it suits her much better. The darker, edgier, more adult songs are much better than the old songs simply chosen to show off her range and appease her young fans. This one's for all, and I highly recommend this album to anyone.

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